A versatile and forward-thinking leader with a track record of 20+ years successfully developing technical, marketing and operational based solutions in the digital marketing space. Insightful and energetic leader focusing on revenue growth and long-term gain.  Jason holds a unique intersection of knowledge where he can effectively implement digital marketing concepts while having a deep understanding within the technical world of marketing.  This advantage of not only knowing the capabilities and power of the internet but also seeing a path for implementation allows him to accomplish your goals.

Jason has a degree in mathematics and has been applying his right-brain analytical approach to the "soft skills" of communication in businesses throughout his career. From the UFC to banking through SEM strategies - Jason has figured out a logical and measurable approach to analyzing hundreds of business questions.  Jason's high level of knowledge within the SEM realm and his data-driven way of thinking brings the creativity and flexibility of marketing together with technical and complex infrastructures of all things digital.  Jason has seen just about every curve ball numbers can throw at you.  

Notable Clients: 

New England Patriots, Tivoli Audio, Boston Private Bank, UFCESP Specialty Insurance





Christy's favorite form of production is the Documentary. She has spent a large part of her career producing video content about some of the most complicated subjects imaginable. From preparing patients for kidney transplants to the technology behind streaming video, she loves nothing more than to help technology companies better explain their services through compelling stories. 

Christy spent nine years leading technology R&D projects and managing multiple tech vendors for Zuffa, LLC sports entertainment brands, including the UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®). She served as COO for a software company in the production marketplace and sold her mobile video startup company VidLasso, making her well practiced at the fine art of hiring and managing vendors. Additionally, Christy co-authored a book Solve the Problem Right the First Time that gives step-by-step instructions on leading a successful investigation of technology vendors and their suggested solutions.

Christy developed early expertise in "the web" in 1994 when she accidentally built a commercial website, one of only 500 commercial websites then existing. Even during the early days of the web, she envisioned interesting possibilities to come for video producers who would be able to more easily develop and distribute content as the digital landscape evolved.

Notable Clients: 

ZixiCerconeBrown & Co, GigcastersS.T.E.M. Reports,
The Green Reaper
Hush Frame, Mixon Digital

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