Why Video in B2B Sales? 

Data Analyst Jason Gates and Video Producer Christy King explain why data-driven video production is so valuable to the new business sales process.

Video doesn’t replace the need for organic search tactics on your web-based marketing materials. Rather video is simply the newest addition to your tool chest and currently - the most-effective way to grow your sales leads in your customers’ sales journey.

Videos increase the length of time people interact with you, giving your brand message longer to sink in, no matter where they consume the content.
When you feature executives and employees in videos, the trust factor is raised significantly.

Christy King and Jason Gates: Businesses Can Harness the Power of Video Content Informed by Data Analysis

The Power of Data Research in Pre-Production

The customer journey is not a new idea, but it is helpful to remember these basic marketing concepts to prevent us from being distracted in thinking of video as the next “shiny ball.” To create effective sales leads from video content, we take advantage of the ability to research the data in search engines and social platforms to hone in on exactly what customers are asking. We need to identify the keywords and questions your customer is using in search to find relevant answers during their decision-making cycle. We will help you make sure leads find the video content that will make the greatest impact on the sales funnel.


Video content is the best option to focus your audience and keep their attention. Video can be a great tool to boost sales as it can increase conversion rates by 80%.

The Data-Based Video Process

A Data Driven Approach to Video Production

 We Offer a
Sales Lead 

Research &

Video Production

Starter Package

Goal Setting & Audience

  • Identify audience segments

  • Document the problems you solve for the marketplace

  • Identify goals for success


  • Keyword Research on the Digital Platforms Your Customers Are Using

    • Identify what people are searching for when buying or researching your product
      or service

    • Document the high-level customer journey

    • Identify the recommended terms and phrases that are key to use in video content

    • Meta information recommendations

  • Competitive Review

    • Review up to 3 competitors and their video meta & public statistics

Tracking Research

  • Video distribution recommendations and schedule

  • Measurement recommendations

Create Video Content

  • Using data research gathered, pre-produce interview questions designed to elicit answers from executives and staff that will return better relevance scores for potential customers searching the internet for solutions to their business problems

  • Christy King will interview appropriate executives and/or staff guiding answers that support sales objectives (on camera or off)

  • Our team will edit interview content to produce clips appropriate for different applications such as LinkedIn, website blog content, and more

  • Production costs are included, yet companies own the rights to all content captured and edited

Analysis & Recommendations

  • Create publishing guidance report suggesting descriptions, titles, and keywords to use in posting content on LinkedIn and within your company’s web presence to garner high organic results

  • Provide independently measured report on results

  • Document lessons learned

Video content is trending on LinkedIn, Google, and other common digital platforms. It is not something you can afford to ignore because 93 percent of online experiences start with a search engine. Search engine and social media platforms are increasing the exposure of video for many reasons, but its the simplest reason that matters to business decision-makers: video works!


According to Cisco by 2021 videos will account for more than 82% of internet traffic. Video is quickly becoming the key communication tool to help potential customers find you and see your company as a key solution to their business needs. The more technical and complicated your business is, the more important it is to buy the services of video producers who can turn your executives, staffers, and technical documentation into video content that will successfully bring sales leads.

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